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Canadian Back Bacon - per lb

Canadian Back Bacon - per lb

Our Canadian Back Bacon is made local... from Finest Sausage and Meat, and is a premium product that your whole family will enjoy.

This is what Finest Sausage has to say... "Being that this type of bacon represents Canada, it is our job to make sure it tastes delicious. Canadian Back Bacon from Finest Sausage and Meat is prepared by using selected pieces of pork loin, which we season and then naturally wood-smoke and cook. This product is ready for eating as soon as you get it home.

We sell this product sliced or by the piece. Canadian back bacon from Finest Sausage and Meat has been used in restaurants and homes for over 30 years. From luncheon meat to toppers on hamburgers, this Finest Sausage and Meat premium product is sure to be a hit at your dinner table." 

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