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 Homemade Honey Garlic BBQ Meat Sauce
New -30 %
$6.25 lb This Homemade Meat Sauce is a winner on our Homemade Meatballs! Simply cover the meatballs, and heat, and serve! Or try using this sauce on stir fry or other meat dishes, like ribs, and bake them to perfection! ..
$6.25 $4.37
Buttery Kettle Caramel Corn - per lb
-20 %
Our delicious Buttery Kettle Caramel Corn is delicious anytime! Packed in approx. 1/3 lb. boxes, this snack is sure to please! For variety, try mixing our Buttery Kettle Caramel Corn with some salty popcorn...a sweet and salty blend treat! ..
$11.56 $9.24
Cheese Powder - per lb
Popular -20 %
Shake cheddar cheese powder over popcorn or potato chips for a tasty snack or sprinkle it over soup for enhanced flavor. Ingredients: 1/4 cup of butter or margarine, 1/4 cup of milk, 2 tbsp of cheddar cheese powder...
$12.97 $10.37
Chocolate Covered Buttered Caramel Corn - per lb
New -20 %
Buttered Caramel Corn Drizzled in Milk Chocolate Try mixing this with Regular Salted Popcorn! Very Delicious! 1/2 lb per pack ..
$10.81 $8.64
Creamy Honey Mustard Poppy Seed Dressing
-20 %
375 ml bottle Feige's Creamy Honey Mustard Poppy Seed Dressing is a delicious creamy Dressing, with great taste, and contains no dairy! This is one of our most popular varieties! ..
$11.25 $9.00
Dark Chocolate Covered Peanuts - per lb
-20 %
Approx. 3/4 lb. size. Dark chocolate covered peanuts. Peanuts covered with a thick chocolate coating, are hard to pass by! We like mixing the dark and milk covered peanuts for variety. Or add these to your favourite trail mix for added flavour! ..
$10.70 $8.56
Deli Sliced Pizza Roll - per lb
-30 %
Our Pizza Roll is processed locally, by Earlidale Meats. This meat has an amazing flavor for sandwiches or charcuterie boards, is gluten free, as well has made in a gluten free facility. ..
$8.50 $5.95
Dried Cranberries
-20 %
Available in approx. 1 lb size.Dried cranberries or Craisins as some call them, are made by partially dehydrating fresh cranberries, a process similar to making grapes into raisins. They are popular in trail mix, salads, breads, with cereals, or eaten on their own...
$6.62 $5.29
Ham Kolbassa - per lb
-30 %
Our Ham Kolbassa made by Finest Sausage and Meats in Kitchener, is Gluten Free, and contains no MSG. Enjoy Kolbassa on crackers with some cheese, or serve on a charcuterie board with our Homemade Pickles, Pickled Corn, and of course our own cheese ball! ..
$9.25 $6.45
Homemade Smoky BBQ Apple Butter Meat Sauce
New -30 %
$6.25 lb. This Homemade Meat Sauce, made in our kitchen pairs well with our Homemade Meat Balls! Smokey and BBQ, with a hint of Apple, make this sauce one of our favorites! ..
$6.25 $4.37
Milk Chocolate Chips - Per lb
-21 %
Price per pound. Available in 1.25 lb size.Pure Jumbo Milk Chocolate Chips can be melted and used in all of your baking needs. These huge chips are wonderful to use in Chocolate Chip cookies! Baking cookies with lots of Jumbo Milk Chocolate Chips is a sure way to please your family! ..
$9.85 $7.75
Orange Jello
-20 %
Approx. 1.15 lbs. = 5 small boxes Jello. Mix 3 oz. Jello Powder (in your measuring cup) to 1 cup boiling water, and 1 cup cold water. Stir until dissolved, and chill to set. The Jello will become orange, once you add liquid to the powder...
$7.37 $5.89
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