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Butterfly Popping Corn

Butterfly Popping Corn

Approx. 1 1/2 lb. Price per pound. 

Butterfly kernels (sometimes called snowflake kernels) pop in more complicated patterns. This popcorn is the airy, fluffy type we typically find at movie theatres and arenas. The butter and seasonings are easily caught on the many “wings” of the popped kernels; thicker coatings could cause this popcorn type to crumble a little more.There are many varieties of popping corn, which produce popcorn of different size, shape, and taste. Describing popcorn as having a “mushroom” or “butterfly” type refers to the shape of the popped kernels. Mushroom-type kernels will yield popcorn that is large and round, as suggested by its name, while butterfly-type kernels will pop in unpredictable shapes, with many “wings” sticking in different directions. 

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