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Approx. 1/2 lb container . Semi sweet mini M&M candies are delicious to eat as they are, or add them to your homemade oatmeal cookie dough before baking. Use them at Christmas time for decorating, as they are tiny and delicate...
These chips are made local by Barrie's Asparagus! Lightly salted, but full of flavor, try serving these chips with some of our Homemade Salsas, our own Homemade Taco Dip! This makes a wonderful finger food to take to pot lucks! ..
Approx. .75 lb. container.  Our Butternut peanuts ( similar to Wow Nuts, as some call them) are peanuts that are candy coated. Mix them with your favorite trail mix for some sweetness. Keep them in your favourite candy dish for a little “pick me up” now and then...
Our delicious Buttery Kettle Caramel Corn is delicious anytime! Packed in approx. 1/3 lb. boxes, this snack is sure to please! For variety, try mixing our Buttery Kettle Caramel Corn with some salty popcorn...a sweet and salty blend treat! ..
We season our Cheddar Onion Pretzels! Tossed in our own blend of seasonings, this mix is sure to please! This mixture is made with seasoned pretzels, and plain, making it a delicious blend! ..
Approx. 1 lb bags. Price per pound. Prices subject to change. Dark chocolate covered almonds are a wonderful way to treat your self, and generally contains less sugar than milk chocolate. ..
Price per pound. Donini Milk Chocolate Melting Wafers approx. 1 lb. size package. Donini Chocolate is a European chocolate, and is known for it’s distinct chocolate taste, and creamy texture. Using a microwave-safe bowl, heat candy wafers at 30% power for 5 minute intervals until wafers are melted. ..
Our Danish Havarti is just a little more creamy than our regular Havarti. This cheese is so delicious cubed, and served with salted pretzels as a snack, or appetizer, or take to pot lucks! This special treat idea was introduced to us by our Lancaster County Pa. friends! ..
Our Glazed Pineapple is done up in approx. 2 x 1/2 lb. containers...
220 g. Honey Mustard and Onion... what a great combination! Our American friends tell us how pretzels pair well with cheese... and they do! We tried it! Very tasty! ..
220 g. Have you tried eating pretzels with some of our Fresh Cut Cheese? Try serving them with Havarti cheese as an appetizer or snack. What a wonderful combination! ..
284 g. bag These chips combine the great taste of stone ground corn, with the flavor of buttery , rich tasting avocados. Guacachips taste great right out of the bag, or try serving them with some of your favorite dips. How about trying our Red Pepper Pretzel Dip, Dilly Dip, or Taco Dip? ..
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