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16 oz. Blacksmith and Bean Black Horse Premium Dark Roast Coffee Beans. These are a signature blend, and are locally roasted...
Permanent Filter with lid & drip off tray. Works great for brewing either tea, herbal tea, fruit infusions or coffee. The filter will fit most tea pots and mugs. Durable stainless - steel mesh with heat - tolerant plastic frame. Dish washer safe. Please clean filter before use. ..
240 g. Reunion Island Fair Trade  MAPLE CREAM Coffee For a nice flavor in your fresh brewed coffee, try maple coffee! ..
Blacksmith and Bean Gold Rush Signature Blend, are medium roast coffee beans, with a full body flavor. These beans are locally roasted by Barrie’s Asparagus. Shop local...Buy local. ..
8 oz. and 1 lb. packages Anytime is coffee time! Castle Reserve is named after Castle Kilbride in Baden Ontario. Locally roasted these coffee beans are a medium roast, having wild rice in the aroma, and carrying into flavours of garden peas and an earthy tone. Fruity aftertaste with medium body.  ..
8 oz. and 1 lb. package dark roast Anytime is coffee time! Charlie’s Secret Coffee Beans are a dark roast, that only Charlie at the local Baden Coffee knows the blend! Your palate will savor some cedar and ground pepper aroma, a smoky flavor with high acidity. This IS Charlie’s secret! ..
8 oz. and 1 lb. packages. Anytime is Coffee Time! Our Chocolate Butter Crunch Baden Coffee is locally roasted, already ground and ready to brew! Milk chocolate and nutty toffee flavors makes this one a perennial must sip.  Treat yourself with this rich tasting coffee!  ..
8 oz. and 1 lb. packages. Anytime is coffee time! Our German Chocolate Cake Baden Coffee is locally roasted and already ground and ready to brew! Is there a better flavour on the planet? Perhaps... but German Chocolate Cake is pretty close. oh so tasty! ..
8 oz. and 1 lb. packages. Dark roastAnytime is coffee Ttme! Midnight Obsession Coffee Beans are locally roasted in Baden Ontario. This obsession...(or this coffee) is one of burnt pine and ash in the aroma, with a pleasant smoky taste. Low in acidity and medium in body. Think about having one of our..
1 lb. package Anytime is coffee time! Sleepy Monk’s Own Coffee Beans are a medium roast, and have a fruity aroma, leading into a tangy apple flavor with subtle hints of vanilla. Locally roasted, this is another one of Baden Coffee Company’s own recipes of 3 origin coffees. This is their original fai..
8 oz. and 1 lb. packages. Anytime is coffee time! Our Snickeroo Baden Coffee is already ground and ready to brew! It tastes like a world famous candy bar! Caramel and peanuts... get your Snickeroo here!..
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