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Earlidale Head cheese or as some call it, Liver Wurst, is made local in Floradale Ontario. Try eating Homemade Head Cheese for breakfast with eggs, toast, fried potatoes, and of course our own Homemade Ketchup! Or as some customers have told us, they eat it with Apple Sauce and toast! ..
Our Smoked Turkey Roll is made local, in a gluten free facility by Earlidale Meats. Turkey Breast with a hint of smoke, adds a nice robust flavor! For a nice sandwich, use Smoked Turkey Breast, with some of our Homemade Mustard!..
Chocolate it’s best! Available in 500 mL or 1L sizes.$2.00 bottle deposit Our Golden Guernsey milk and cream is produced on a local family farm, by 60 registered milking Guernsey cows. Fresh from the farm, this milk arrives weekly, in the old fashioned glass bottles. Taste the difference f..
Available in 1.00 lb size. Elbow macaroni is a great pasta to keep in your pantry. These versatile noodles can be cooked on the stove or in the microwave until they're as soft as you like. To make creamy noodles, simmer them in milk so they absorb the flavor. They are also great to use in your homem..
1 box (20 tea bags)English Breakfast Tea is a black tea, and can be enjoyed at breakfast, or throughout the day! ..
240 g. Reunion Island Fair Trade  MAPLE CREAM Coffee For a nice flavor in your fresh brewed coffee, try maple coffee! ..
Classic Brown (Large) $5.25 a dozenFrom Small Traditional Family FarmsFeed does not contain antibiotics or medications. Brown Eggs (Extra Large) $6.95 a dozenFrom Free Range Hens on Small Traditional Family Farms.-         Foraging in green grass-         Winter foraging on dried grass-         Feed..
Approx. 3/4 lb. container. Our Fine Egg Noodles make an easy supper, and are quick to cook! Serve with our Homemade Cheese Ball, Pickled Beets and Summer Sausage for an old fashioned meal! ..
Available in 1 lb size.Dried coconut, both sweetened and unsweetened, can be used in cooked and baked dishes or enjoyed on its own. Use it as a topping for cakes, or use to make cookies or macaroons...
Available in 1/2 lb size.This is the old fashioned yeast you add with water, and let it rise. 1 tblsp. = 1 package packet bought at the grocery store...
100 g. bag. Our Fog Mountain Green Tea is from Distinctly Tea in Waterloo. Ingredients: Organic China Green Tea. This Tea is a favorite, pleasant tasting green tea, enjoyed by many of our customers. 1 full teaspoon to 8 oz. cup. Contains Caffeine..
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