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In approx. .75 lb. containers. White Chocolate Chips are great to add when baking your homemade chocolate chip cookies. A sprinkle of white chips along with milk or dark chips, makes beautiful and tasty cookies! ..
Whole Raw Unblanched Almonds -per lb
-20 %
Raw Almonds are softer in texture, as they are not roasted. Here are some ways they can be enjoyed:  Eat them as is for a fast and nutritious snack.  Roast them for a short time and add to your favorite cereal. Chop them up and add to your favourite home made granola mixture and bake...
$12.88 $10.30
Available in 4.5 lb. Whole Wheat Stone Ground Hard flour is used in bread baking.This flour is ground between 2 stones, and therefore called stone ground. It has more nutrients than most flour because of the techniques used in grinding. Healthy and full of flavour! ..
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