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Deli Cheese

Treat your guests to some British Maple Cheddar for a special treat! ..
Taste the difference of fresh cut cheese! Colby cheese is softer and milder than cheddar, but still has a wonderful nutty flavor! Colby is not ideal for melting, unless you prefer a real stringy cheese! ..
Mild Dutch Gouda - It is a semi-hard cheese celebrated for its rich, unique, mild flavour, and smooth texture.Dutch Goudas are very popular to enjoy with Homemade Jam on toast, or as an addition to a charcuterie board with some Homemade Pickles and our own Homemade Cheese Ball! ..
Taste the difference of fresh cut cheese! Monterey jack cheese has a mild, sweet and slightly sharp taste and semi-firm texture. This versatile cheese is a popular choice for everyday use in snacking, or entertaining! It is ideal for sandwich slices, and can be cut in cubes, triangles or fingers on ..
Fresh Cut Mozzarella Cheese - per lb
-30 %
Taste the difference of fresh cut cheese! Mozzarella cheese is well known to use on pizza and lasagna. If you like a mild cheese it is also good for snacking. Eat with our homemade pickles, or on a toast at breakfast with some of our homemade jam...
$14.55 $10.19
Taste the difference of fresh cut cheese! Onion & parsley cheese is well known to use on cheese trays or party platters.For a different twist try using some on grilled cheese sandwiches, garlic bread, lasagne or pizza! Your family will wonder what you have been up to! ..
Taste the difference of fresh cut cheese! Provolone cheese is great and more intense in flavor when melted. It can be used in casseroles, panini, pizza, and baked pasta dishes, however, it does not melt as easy as mozzarella. Provolone cheese has a stronger, more complex flavor, whereas mozzarella h..
Fresh Cut Raclette Cheese - per lb
-30 %
Taste the difference of fresh cut cheese! Raclette Cheese is a very popular choice in doing fondues! Or you might want to try melting Raclette cheese and serve over boiled potatoes, for a different twist!  Serve on a charcuterie board, with our sliced cold meats, homemade pickles, and pickled corn....
$23.05 $16.14
Taste the difference of Fresh Cut Cheese! Our Regular Havarti (made from 100% Canadian milk) matches classically well with sugary fruits like figs, raisins, walnuts, or hearty, rustic bread.  Melt into an omelet or fondue, or create a rich, melt-in-your-mouth gourmet grilled cheese. When using on yo..
Taste the difference of Fresh Cut Cheese! Regular Swiss Cheese can be used so many different ways! The uses are endless! Try using Swiss Cheese on sandwiches, casseroles, cheese platters, cheese sauces, and charcuterie boards, and serving with our locally made sweet pickles. ..
Taste the difference of Fresh Cut Cheese! 1 pound is a stack of 30 sandwich size slices. These Cheese Slices are staggered and on a stack for easy use. No extra wrapping or tissues to deal with...the slices peel apart! These are quick and easy to use in sandwiches. Made from processed cheese, the..
Taste the difference of fresh cut cheese! Castello smoked gorgonzola is a naturally double smoked gorgonzola cheese. While it embodies the classic "Blue Bite" and piquant flavour, the taste is slightly more salty and the texture is firmer, making it easy to crumble into sauces or over fresh garden s..
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