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Chips, Crackers, Nuts & Snacks

Available in approx. 1 lb size.Dried apricots are good to eat as a snack, and can also be used in fruit cake or baking. They are very good to mix in with your own snack/nut mixture.Great snack idea! ..
Available in approx. 1 lb size.Dried cranberries or Craisins as some call them, are made by partially dehydrating fresh cranberries, a process similar to making grapes into raisins. They are popular in trail mix, salads, breads, with cereals, or eaten on their own...
220 g. Honey Mustard and Onion... what a great combination! Our American friends tell us how pretzels pair well with cheese... and they do! We tried it! Very tasty! ..
220 g. Have you tried eating pretzels with some of our Fresh Cut Cheese? Try serving them with Havarti cheese as an appetizer or snack. What a wonderful combination! ..
210 g. Enjoy some Gluten Free Crackers with a hint of Rosemary! These are great to pair with our Fresh Cut Cheese, or Homemade Dips, Jams and Pickles! ..
250 g. Enjoy the privilege of making your own sandwich on gluten free bread. This bread has a healthy crunch of flax seed, sunflower, and chia seed. ..
284 g. bag These chips combine the great taste of stone ground corn, with the flavor of buttery , rich tasting avocados. Guacachips taste great right out of the bag, or try serving them with some of your favorite dips. How about trying our Red Pepper Pretzel Dip, Dilly Dip, or Taco Dip? ..
3/4 lb. Honey Roasted Sesame Sticks are a good snack, or use them in fresh salads for an added crunch. So tasty! ..
Jumbo Bavarian Style Beernuts
-10 %
Jumbo Bavarian Style Beernuts - 325 g. Jumbo Peanuts...and then with a candy coating, are hard to pass by! These are great to eat by themselves, or add them to your favorite trail mix for added flavour! ..
$4.50 $4.05
Priced per pound. Tom Sturgis Little Ones Salted Pretzels are low fat like most pretzels and come from Pa! They are thicker than Canadian pretzels and full of flavour! Try serving pretzels and some of our cheese. Pretzels are delicious served with any variety of cheddar, marble or havarti...
128 g. The Crisps you love, baked to perfection in a convenient single serve package. Who says snacks can’t be part of a healthy lifestyle? These wheat-free, gluten free, cholesterol-free, trans fat-free snacks are also low in saturated fat, low in sugar and packed with baked rice goodness. And the..
Approx. 2 1/3 lb. Price per pound. Price is subject to change. While the preference for one type of kernels or another is greatly dictated by taste, mushroom popcorn is particularly appropriate to use with coatings, like caramel, chocolate, or even melted cheese (yum!). Because the popped kernels ar..
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