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Chocolate it’s best! Available in 500 mL or 1L sizes.$2.00 bottle deposit Our Golden Guernsey milk and cream is produced on a local family farm, by 60 registered milking Guernsey cows. Fresh from the farm, this milk arrives weekly, in the old fashioned glass bottles. Taste the difference f..
1 litre bottles.$2.00 bottle depositFresh from a local farm! You’ve heard that “the cream always rises to the top.” Eby Manor’s Golden Guernsey whole milk holds true to this. Our non-homogenized 4.8% cream top whole milk is a milk-lovers dream and a healthy source of dairy fat. Rich and full of pure..
1 litre bottles. $2.00 bottle depositGolden Guernsey 2% Milk.Local farm fresh Guernsey milk is anything but ordinary milk! It’s the perfect combination of a clean light texture and fresh full taste. You may be surprised to experience this much flavour from a 2% milk. Guernsey cow milk is naturally h..
1 litre bottles. $2.00 bottle deposit)Local... finally some cream...fresh off the farm! The wait is over, try our newest dairy product!Eby Manor Golden Guernsey 10% cream is super smooth, creamy, and rich! You can have it with your fruit, cereal, coffee, and more! ..
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