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907 g. Fancy molasses is lighter in flavour than black strap, and can be used in recipes calling for black strap. You can also replace 1 cup of molasses with 3/4 cup of dark brown sugar to retain the molasses flavour, if you prefer a stronger flavour. It creates a great flavor in some bran muffin re..
Price per pound. Available in 4.5 lb& 7.63 lb sizes. Organic raw sugar or cane sugar means that the sugar cane was grown organically, without synthetic herbicides or pesticides. Raw sugar is good used in canning or preserving as well as baking. ..
Available in 3.5 lb, 7.5 lb & 44 lb bags.Because of its molasses content,brown sugar tends to have more flavor in recipes. It is especially delicious used in whipped cream, if you do not care about the cream being a creamy color when whipped. ..
Available in 3.5 & 5 lb sizes. Icing sugar, Powdered sugar, and confectioners sugar are the same thing. In addition to using powdered sugar primarily for icings and glazes, it's wonderful for sprinkling on top of baked goods, and you can  also use it for whipped cream.  Because it's so light, powde..
Available in Small 4 lb, Medium 6 lbs & 44 lb bags.  For more flavor in your recipes, substitute 1 cup of brown sugar for every 1 cup of white granulated sugar. Brown sugar contains molasses, which may change the texture and flavor your baked goods, but the sweetness level will be the same...
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