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300 g. Cinnamon Honey Butter is delicious spread on toast! Naturally sweeten your day! ..
Available in 500 ml or 1kg.Fresh, local honey. Great for tea, desserts or just on its own! Our honey is unpasteurized, making it full of nutrients right from the bees. It is Canada #1 Grade, which means it has a lighter colour and milder flavour. ..
Available in 500g and 1 kg sizes.Our Honey is fresh from local farms in our area! Unpasteurized honey is healthy, and full of nutrients straight from the bees! This honey is Canada #1 grade, and we carry both light honey, which is mostly from clover blossoms, or the darker honey which is called buck..
300 g. Our Honey Butter is natural, contains no butter, and is heart healthy. It is called Honey Butter as it's whipped to a consistency of a creamy butter, ideal for spreading on toast. Naturally Sweeten your day! ..
Available in 500g or 1 kg sizes. Our honey is fresh from local farms in our area. What is the difference between creamed and liquid honey? Both liquid and creamed honey are pure honey, nothing more, nothing less. ... Honey is “creamed” by mixing fine honey crystals into liquid honey and whipping it,..
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