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Kitchen Kuttings Cafe Inc.

Approx. 1/2 lb. bag. Priced per pound.Jubie Nougat Candy is an old fashioned candy and very popular! We hear customers commenting that it is hard to find! This delicious nougat candy is filled with jubies and individually wrapped.  ..
Price per pound. Available in 1.25 lb size.Our Chocolate Oreo Crumbs are just so delicious in so many ways! Check out your favorite cheese cake recipes, dessert puddings, or ice cream square recipes, on how to add these delicious crumbs to your dishes! They are an excellent addition in so ..
Price per pound. Available in 4.5 lb& 7.63 lb sizes. Organic raw sugar or cane sugar means that the sugar cane was grown organically, without synthetic herbicides or pesticides. Raw sugar is good used in canning or preserving as well as baking. ..
Price per pound. Available in 11 lb & 22 lb sizes. Stone Ground Organic Light Spelt Flour can be substituted one-for-one for the whole wheat in any recipe and for up to half of the flour in a recipe using entirely all-purpose. Spelt is low in gluten, so it's best to keep some of the reg..
Martin's Original Apple Chips. Available in 22g & 64 g sizes.Made from fresh, local apples and dried to perfection. These apple chips are made in the town of could not get them more local! Fresh, healthy and wholesome...these chips are the absolute snack for children and ad..
Price per pound. Available in 1.75 lb size.Parboil Rice is partly cooked, and does not take as long as regular rice, until done.1. Combine in a 2 quart saucepan – 1 cup rice, 2 ¼ cups water, 1 tsp salt (optional) and 1 tbsp oil or margarine (optional).2. Stir lightly, bring to a rolling..
Kitchen Kuttings Gift Basket. Includes pickled beets, salsa and more.  ..
Kitchen Kuttings Gift Basket. Includes sweet pickles, an assortment of cheese, jam and more...
Price per pound. Available in 1.25 lb size.Our dates are without pits, and are naturally sweetened. They are healthy to eat as a snack, or to use in baking. ..
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