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Greek Dressing The "King of Caesars" is exceptional quality without compromise. The full body flavour and aroma boasts with the freshest, all natural ingredients. Try a jar of The King of Caesars dressing today...
Size: 500 mL. Extra virgin olive oil from Greece.A healthy staple of the Cretan diet full of the aromas of the Cretan soil. Olive oil is used on salads, but the largest use of olive oil is during cooking. Use olive oil raw and for drizzling on salads or bread, or you can actually cook..
250 mL.Garlic fusion 100% Grecian extra virgin olive oil is great to add flavour to pasta dishes, mashed potatoes, roasted meats and soups. It's delicious to dip crusty bread in as an easy appetizer. Or toss cubed potatoes in a little garlic infused olive oil, add salt and pepper and roast ..
370 g. Available flavours include: Stuffed Garlic, Stuffed Red Peppers, Stuffed Almonds.Our green olives are from Greece!  Stuffed Olives are excellent to serve as an appetizer with cheese, or decorate your charcuterie board with olives for some added flavor and attraction! ..
Size: 250 mL.Oregano & herbs extra virgin olive oil from Greece. Olive oil is used on salads, but the largest use of olive oil is during cooking. Use olive oil raw and for drizzling on salads or bread, or you can actually cook with olive oil sautéing, roasting and frying with it..
Price per pound. Available in 1/2 lb size.Ground Almonds are healthy, and great to use sprinkled on cereal or in yogurt. For those of you who like the flavor, and prefer to not bite on nuts, this is a good option. ..
907 g. Fancy molasses is lighter in flavour than black strap, and can be used in recipes calling for black strap. You can also replace 1 cup of molasses with 3/4 cup of dark brown sugar to retain the molasses flavour, if you prefer a stronger flavour. It creates a great flavor in some..
Approx. 1 lb. bag. Priced per pound.Price is subject to change. Hard maple candy is made from pure maple syrup, glucose and sugar. This candy is in the form of a maple leaf and is individually wrapped, making it a nice favor for the next time you are serving special guests! And of course maple candy..
Price per pound. Available in 1.25 lb size. Baking success is easy with HERSHEY'S  Milk Chocolate Chips. They are rich, smooth, creamy and melt perfectly every time.They are your complete baking partner, gluten free, and absolutely delicious for chocolate chip cookies. ..
Price may be subject to change. Homemade 9 grain bread is full of nutrients, and boasts with flavour! This bread consists of wheat flakes, rye meal, sunflower seeds, corn flakes, oat flakes, soya grits, barley flakes, and millet. We use this bread in our Cafe on a sandwich of your choice. ..
Homemade Beef & Pork Summer Sausage Homemade Beef & Pork Summer Sausage
Available in a Mix of Beef & Pork Created from an old-fashioned, family recipe, our summer sausage is made using 100% Grade A Ontario Beef and quality Canadian Pork and is then smoked with maple and hickory wood.  We receive weekly orders from across Canada for our famous sum..
Frozen beef pot pies are in individual servings.  Just bake for 50 minutes and serve. Our homemade beef pot pies are made from scratch, with ground beef from locally raised beef, locally grown potatoes, carrots, onion and seasoned to perfection.  Ideal for individuals, small and ..
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