Homemade Summer Sausage

Available in Beef or Beef & Pork Blends



Kitchen Kuttings Inc. began after co-owners Lydia, Nancy and Elmeda decided to sell homemade summer sausage at the St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market, simply because they enjoyed it. As business grew, the women began to dream of opening a retail location that would sell not only homemade summer sausage, but other specialty comfort foods as well.


Created from an old-fashioned, family recipe, our summer sausage is made using 100% Grade A Ontario Beef and quality Canadian Pork and is then smoked with maple and hickory wood.


We receive weekly orders from across Canada for our famous summer sausage. After being smoked and cured, it has an extremely long shelf life, making it easy to ship, store and travel with. It can be vacuum-sealed and then left unrefrigerated for months and still remain fresh.


Discount prices are available on large quantities.



We are excited to tell you that the New Market Building is open since June 11, 2015! Come and check out the New Market! Find us located inside the main double doors (on Weber St. side) with our Homemade Summer Sausage, Jams and Pickles. Our Cheese booth is also at this same location. Come for some Fresh Cheese Curd, Havartis, Cheddars, Goudas and more! We will let you taste before you buy! Our Summer Sausage, Jams, and Cheese are available at the St. Jacobs Farmer’s Market, or at our store location.


Tip: Need a new appetizer idea? Slice some summer sausage, cut in wedges, insert a frilled toothpick, add a cheese cube of your choice, and an olive or a pickle. This can even be layered until you’ve filled the entire toothpick.

Summer Sausage being prepared in Elmira, Ontario

Tip: Try putting summer sausage on the BBQ for an added grilled flavour. Or, for a leaner treat, fry summer sausage in a pan and drain the fat. Wrap the slices in paper towel to absorb any grease, and then serve warm.

Summer sausage goes really well with our fresh cheese

Tip: Do you need finger food for an upcoming event? How about layering homemade summer sausage slices and some cream cheese, and add herbs and spices of your choice? Cut in wedges, insert a frilled toothpick, and serve.

Contact us for made-to-order summer sausage platters for any event.

Sliced Summer Sausage

Enjoy our sliced Summer Sausage

Tip: You can make sausage stew in the crockpot. My family loves this, and the sausage seasons the stew so well that you don’t need to add other seasoning to it.

Hot, Double Hot, Turkey, Sweet with Heat, Honey Garlic or Mild Pepperettes

Do you need a snack while travelling? Pepperettes are the #1 choice. After being smoked and cured, there is no slicing or refrigeration required. We have mild, double hot, sweet with heat, honey garlic, hot or turkey!
Choose between Hot or Mild Pepperettes

Tip: Are you on the run and needing a quick “protein fix”? Try pepperettes with crackers and cheese. This makes an easy and delicious lunch!