Fudges & Brittles

Old Fashioned Nut Brittles

Enjoy old fashioned flavour and charm with our fudge, and nut brittles

Taste the Tradition of Yesterday

Peanut Brittle

Mixed Nut Brittle

Cashew Brittle

Coconut Brittle

Sesame Seed Brittle

Trail Mix Brittle

Sunflower Brittle


Finest Gourmet Assorted Fudge

Finest Gourmet Assorted Fudge

Try some “Old Fashioned” Copper Kettle Fudge today!

Canadian Maple

Canadian Maple Walnut

Milk  Chocolate

Raspberry/Cranberry (Christmas only)

Triple Chocolate

Pralines N’ Cream

Caramel Apple (Fall Only)

Cookies N’ Cream


Black Forest


Rocky Road

Butter Pecan

Turtle Delight

Chocolate Mint Swirl

Our fudge is handmade, on marble tables using only wholesome ingredients and real butter!

Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight

Assorted Flavours

Choose your favourites, and experience the savor of yesterday!

Belgian Chocolate Pizza Slices

Belgian Chocolate Pizza Slices

Made with the Finest Belgian Chocolate and:


All Skors

M&M’s  Chocolate Pizza

Reese’s Pieces

Roasted & Candy Coated Nuts

Roasted and Candy Coated Nuts

Picard’s Specialty Peanuts, available in the following varieties:

All Flavor Peanuts

Plain, roasted and salted

Beer nuts

Cool Ranch, chip nuts

Regular, salted chip nuts

These mouth- watering items are very popular gift basket additions.


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