With the beautiful weather, and dry roads, take a drive in the country and make Elmira Ontario your destination. Come and shop at our store for Local Homemade Jams, Pickles, Relishes, and Local Honey and Apple Butter. Stock up now for the rest of the winter! A good place to stop for a quick lunch, while you are in town, is Elmira Donuts and Deli, with their Homemade Soup and Sandwiches . Or, if you have more time on your hands, stop at The CrossRoads Restaurant, www.crossroadsrestaurant.ca/ for a Delicious Lunch Buffet , and shop at The Merchantile Gift Shop, or the Nine Patch Quilt Store at the same location, for all the neat little “this n’ thats.” Book a day aside for a trip to Elmira Ontario. It will be worth it!