Thanks for Supporting the St. Jacobs Farmer’s Market! We are the vendor with Homemade Summer Sausage that was located in the main building under the stairway! Since the fire destroyed the building, find us now under the overhang attached to the Peddlars Village. Also at our booth we have our Homemade Jams and Pickles and Apple butter.


  • A Friend! September 13, 2013 at 15:20

    Wow, Elmeda!! Is this great or what! What a wonderful way to to add to your website, this is perfect!
    You are the owner of the most delicious summer sausage, to-die-for cheese and you also have a talent to write! Wow! This is just amazing!
    Thanks for showing off, you got ‘it’ picture perfect!

    Take Care!

    1. Admin September 14, 2013 at 14:08

      To My Friend,
      Thanks for checking out our New Website! We are excited with the changes that Graf-Martin Communications Inc. has done for us. It is easier to check out our products, and this blog adds more character as well.
      We are glad you enjoy our Homemade Summer Sausage and delicious cheeses. The good Waterloo County Food is worth driving for, eh?
      Thanks for your kind words! Elmeda