We make our own Easter Chocolates right on our premises. Dark Almond Bark which has a rich dark flavor, bursting with fresh roasted almonds, is one of many people’s favorite. Then there is the Choc-o-poke in the shape of a turtle, with a  rich creamy caramel and pecan centre. This one, is a fascination to children, because of it’s shape!  Or try some Chocolate Peanut Clusters with fresh roasted peanuts, for the lover of sweet and salty, making these an old time favorite. Our Chocolate Coconut Clusters are made with unsweetened coconut for those of you who like a treat, but prefer something not too sweet. The White Almond Bark with freshly roasted almonds, is popular too, as the white chocolate contains no caffeine.  If chocolate is not what you are looking for, we carry a variety of local products as well, and we are sure to have something for you. Take a day trip this spring, and make your destination Elmira! We will be happy to see You!