Why not stock up on popping corn for a snack on these blustery nights? Our very popular White Popping Corn,is a favorite of a lot of our customers.It is fluffy,white and hulless, so no more of those peelings stuck in your teeth! Are you familiar with the popping corn called White Cloud? This is very similiar, also in a small kernel but full of flavor. We also have the Lady Finger Popping Corn. This is a very tiny white flake, but slightly more hulls than the regular white, but also has an excellent flavor.

Check out our other varieties of popping corn. Mushroom Popping Corn is a large yellow  flake, ideal for caramel corn. Then we have the ButterFly Popping Corn which is a nice yellow flake (with not as many hulls as the Mushroom) and  is Ontario grown! We also carry Red Popping Corn which pops very white, but the kernel is dark red, and is full of flavor! For a variety try some Rainbow Popping Corn which is a mixture of White, Mushroom, Yellow, Red and Blue. This pops different shades of yellow and white, and also has an excellent flavor!

We do mail orders across Canada, please let us know how we can help you. To order, check the drop down list under the “about” tab, for contact information.