Specialty Cheese

Taste the Difference of Fresh-Cut Cheese

Specialty Cheese

Emmentaler Swiss

Swiss Gruyere

Canadian Swiss

Tip: Emmantaler Swiss and Swiss Gruyere are excellent in fondues for that flavour of yesterday! Canadian Swiss can also be used for a milder taste.

Smoked Gruyere

Tip: Try melting  Smoked Gruyere on a back bacon sandwich for that smokey flavour.

German Limburger

Tip: Did you know that Limburger is very tasty with rye bread and spanish onions?

Canadian Blue Cheese

Canadian Blue has a rich, crumbly texture,making it an excellent addition to a fresh garden salad.

Try our variety of Brie and Camembert!

Brie and Camembert

Regular Camembert (Christmas Only)

Double Cream Brie

Regular Brie

Brie anytime! How about baking plain Brie or Camembert with garlic cloves and butter? Or try using brown sugar and pecans, for the sweet tooth.

English 5 Counties Specialty Cheese

English 5-Counties Cheese

English Gloucester & Stilton

English Wensleydale/Cranberry

English Stilton

Smoked English Stilton

Chevertine Goat’s Cheese

Norwegian Jarlsberg

Italian Parmesan Block

Grate your own Parmesan for a little taste of Italy! It will make a great addition to any pasta dish.

Italian Parmesan Block Specialty Cheese

Grated Parmesan

Shredded Parmesan

Use our grated or shredded Parmesan to save yourself some time. It has an excellent flavour, but is slightly milder than the Italian Parmesan.

Apetina Feta Cheese

This is a very creamy, yet crumbly, Feta making it an excellent addition to a fresh garden salad!

Suggestion: Take your cheese out of the fridge 1 hour before serving for added flavour and improved texture.