“Fresh Cheese Cut to Please”

Cheese Platter

All of our fresh cheeses are cut-to-order, to ensure fresheness and are also available pre-packaged.

Balderson Medium Cheddar (Sharp)

Cheesemaker’s Medium Cheddar (Mild)



St. Albert”s Colby

Onion & Parsley

Processed Cheese Slices

Custom-cut cheese slices are perfect for the barbeque and sandwiches. No plastic wrappers also makes this an environmentally- friendly choice.

Plain Monterey Jack

Monterey Jack & Hot Peppers

Tip: For hot food-lovers, try using Monterey Jack with Hot Pepper cheese, instead of mozzarella on your own homemade pizza or lasagne.

Danesborg Havarti

Danesborg Havarti Cheese

Tip: Try cubing our regular Plain Havarti and serve with pretzel sticks. Toss it in with school lunches for a healthy snack, or serve this as an appetizer to your guests.

Danish Havarti

Danish Havarti is a mild cheese, like our Danesborg Havarti, but with a more buttery texture!

Flavoured Havarti

Flavoured Havarti

The same creamy texture with an added zest.

Garden Vegetable Havarti

Jalapeno Havarti

Dill Havarti

Sour Cream & Chive Havarti

Horseradish Cheddar

Tip: Melt Horseradish Cheddar on a roast beef sandwich for added flavour!

Light Cheese

Light Cheese

Danish Danbo Light 13 %m.f.

Danbo Light has a mild taste of Limburger for those wanting flavour, but prefer a light cheese

Light Danish Havarti 17 % M.f.

Light Cheddar 18 % M.f.

Lappi From Finland 28% M.f.

Light Mozzarella 17 % M.f.

Tip: Light Mozzarella will set better on pizza or lasagne than regular Mozzarella

Lactose- Free Canadian Mild Gouda

Lactose- Free Canadian Mild Gouda

Lactose- Free Canadian Spiced Gouda

Mild Dutch Gouda

Spiced Dutch Gouda

Dutch Gouda

Enjoy a taste of Holland right here in Canada

Emmentaler Swiss

Swiss Gruyere

Canadian Swiss

Tip: Emmantaler Swiss and Swiss Gruyere are excellent cheese in fondues for that flavour of yesterday! Canadian Swiss can also be used for a slightly milder taste.

Try Our Variety Of Brie & Camembert

Regular Camembert

Herb Brie

Pepper Brie

Regular Brie

Brie anytime! How about baking Plain Brie or Camembert with garlic cloves and butter? Or, try using brown sugar and pecans, to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Philadelphia Plain Cream Cheese

Philadelphia Plain Cream Cheese

Tip: Expecting company? Try mixing Plain Cream Cheese with our Red Pepper Jelly  and spread on srackers. It makes for a wonderful sweet & salty flavour.

Make your own  Herb & Spice Cream Cheese using plain cream cheese with your choice of spices!

 Herb and Spice Cream Cheese

Tip: Do you need finger food for an upcoming event? How about layering some of “your own creation of spiced Cream Cheese” and our homemade summer sausage slices? Cut in wedges, insert a frilled toothpick and serve.

Make your own Pineapple Cream Cheese

Add crushed pineapple to some plain cream cheese!

This will make some Cream Cheese With A Fruity Flavour

Tip: Roll your own make of Pineapple Cream Cheese in a ball, sprinkle with pecan pieces and serve with Crackers.

Planning an event? Going to a party? We make custom cheese platters for all occasions.


Thursday Is Curdsday!

Thursday is Curd's Day!

Fresh Cheese Curd Arrives Every Thursday!

Ontario Naturally Aged Cheddars

Ontario Naturally Aged Cheddars

1 Year Old Cheddar

2 Year Old Cheddar

3 Year Old Cheddar

5 Year Old Cheddar

6 Year Old Cheddar

7 Year Old Cheddar

8 Year Old Cheddar

9 Year Old Cheddar

In aged cheeses we carry: Balderson, St. Albert’s And Pine River Brands.

Cheddars are excellent in soups, cheese sauces, fondues, spreads, dressings, & dips. If you choose to use an older Cheddar, you’ll get more flavour with less cheese.

Photo of the Cheese Balls we make in-store!

We make our own Cheese Balls in-store!



  • Chris December 03, 2016 at 15:11

    Do you sell 7,8 or 9 year old cheddar in the Brampton area ?


  • Elmeda Weber December 05, 2016 at 11:07

    We sell our cheeses at the St. Jacobs Farmer’s Market and at our store in Elmira. However, we do mail orders this time of the year, when the weather is cooler. If you are interested, please call us at 519-669-8225 and we will be happy to help! Thanks for inquiring, Elmeda


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